Belt of Hidden Pouches

Body Slot: Waist
Activation: Move (command); see text
Weight: 1 lb. empty; 16 lbs. full

Ten tiny pockets run along the inside of this otherwise unremarkable leather belt. Hidden inside this belt are ten small pockets, each of which seems big enough to hold only a few coins. Each pocket actually functions as a small bag of hold­ing and can hold up to 1/2 cubic foot or 5 pounds of nonliving matter. No object with any dimension exceeding 6 inches can be placed in a pocket. Anything placed inside a pocket effectively has one-tenth its normal weight, so a full pocket weighs only 1/2 pound at most.

In addition, two secret pockets lie behind each visible one, for a total of thirty pockets in all. The hidden pockets can be accessed only through a command word. A true seeing spell reveals the presence of the hidden pockets but not the command word needed to open them.

Even when a pocket is full, it never bulges, so a belt of hidden pouches stuffed with 150 pounds of items still looks like an ordinary belt.

To place any object in the belt, you merely press the object into the belt. Doing so while speaking the command word places the object in one of the hidden pockets (if one of them is empty). Placing an item in a pocket (hidden or visible) is a move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Naming a stored object and speaking a second command word draws the named object out of the belt and places it in your hand. Doing this is a move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. You can also reach into one of the ten regular hidden pockets and draw out an item, just as if retrieving a stored object (a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity).

A casual search won’t reveal any objects placed in the belt, and searching the visible pockets cannot reveal anything stored in the hidden pockets. It is possible to use a Sleight of Hand check to pluck something out of one of the ten visible pockets, but only someone wearing or holding a belt can access the hidden pockets, and then only with the correct command word.

Belt of Hidden Pouches

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