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  • Impact

    Continuous effect Critical Threat range of bludgeoning weapon is doubled. This does not stack with other effects that expand a weapons threat range.

  • Illumination

    A sunburst set with topaz flecks gleams upon this weapon.

    When drawn, an illuminating weapon glows with pure white light, brightly illuminating a 20-foot-radius area and providing shadowy illumination for another 20 feet beyond that.

  • Belt of Hidden Pouches

    Body Slot: Waist
    Activation: Move (command); see text
    Weight: 1 lb. empty; 16 lbs. full

    Ten tiny pockets run along the inside

  • Hideaway Rapier of Weakening 1

    Macabre ornamentation and stretched black leather make this weapon look as though it were made from a shriveled limb.

    When you score a critical hit with a weakening weapon, the target takes a 4 penalty to its Strength score (to a

  • Wand Bracer (3 wand version)

    This metal forearm band takes up space on the body as a bracer and can hold up to three wands. Thin loops of thread fit over your fingers, each connected to a spring mechanism on one of the wand slots. If your hand is empty, you can flex a finger as a