Thress Harkle

A timid graduate, now self-researcher, of Bluecrater Academy.


Thress Harkle is a pale woman and short by most standards at barely over five feet. She has dull brown hair that hangs to her shoulders that’s stringy and unkempt. As a graduate of Bluecrater Academy, and now a full member that conducts private research, she often wears gray robes with a black stripe down the sides of the body and arms and across the shoulders that marks her scholarly rank. A patch on her left breast displays the image of an owl perched upon a wizard’s staff in the top right corner, and an open book with a quill hovering over it in the bottom left, marking her as a student of both magic and history. Her presence is often accompanied with the not-unpleasant scent of incense.

Thress is normally timid, avoiding companionship or even casual interaction. While walking through the library she’s been known to go a good distance out of her way to avoid having to excuse herself past a fellow scholar. That’s not to say that she’s completely anti-social. She has a life outside of the academy and is even married into a wealthy family.

After a mysterious tremor shook the Academy to its foundation, Thress became the target of the Council of Headmasters’ interest. Unfortunately, they’re powerless to confront the woman directly due to the magical binding of her contract for use of a private study in the school’s highest level.

After Lorelei Lee refused to scrutinize her for the headmasters despite a nearly guaranteed promise of admittance into the academy as a full member, Thress ended up at the Church of Pelor, virtually on her death bed from an infection in her arm. The wound, a set of three deep gouges, was certainly caused by something unnatural. Thress, once conscious, confirmed that an abyssal creature attacked her, suggesting that it had been set upon her by those that don’t wish her research to go public. She had little to say about the tremor at the academy.

Thress seems sincere, and an alarming suggestion by Kluntark Impezzo, Headmaster of Magic, that Thress be allowed to die, lends credence to her claims.

Is Thress as she seems, a timid girl that only wishes to expose the truth of Cauldron’s history, with the powers of the city, including her old headmasters, looking to do her harm? Or are the Headmasters’ suspicion’s justified, and the girl that seems so innocent really is a threat to the city?

Lorelei is torn between the possibilities.

Thress Harkle

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