Orak Stonehaven

A one-eyed dwarf whose laid down his axe for a decanter.


Orak Stonehaven is the proud proprietor of Orak’s Bathhouse, the most popular bathhouse in Cauldron. He tends to be a very friendly sort, especially to his clients, though his gruff dwarven nature comes to the fore when necessary, particularly when it comes to violating the rules of his business.

Orak was recently stuck in the middle of recent events surrounding a rash of graffiti, tomfoolery, and minor assaults perpetrated by a tribe of goblins led by a bugbear vampire named Drakthar. The goblins had gained access to the city through a minor dwarf stronghold accessible from the bathhouse and Orak had been dominated by Drakthar, forcing him play along and keep his mouth shut.

The dwarf has every reason to be thankful to the PCs. They figured out what was going on and managed to defeat the vampire threat without killing him or robbing him blind. The PCs money is no good at Orak’s Bathhouse anymore as they currently have a lifetime membership.

Orak Stonehaven

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