Lord Vhalantru

A squirrelly nobleman with shoulder-length blond hair and a persistent smile.


Lord Vhalantru is the new kid on the block in the nobility game, arriving in Cauldron from far off lands a little over fifteen years ago. He threw money at several renovation projects, funding the rebuilding of the town hall, the renovation of the Lakeside Pavilion, and several other ancient structures that had begun to fall apart. Through his generous donations he won a place among the city’s aristocracy and is rarely seen too far from the Lord-Mayor’s side.

Vhalantru has also proven himself to be a man of the people. He funds various public events and even proved his worth in Cauldron’s Drink Down the Flood competition during the Flood Festival. The man’s ability to hold his liqueur has become legendary, winning the competition ten years in a row with nary a slur. He’s since retired from competing but always offers a hefty reward if each years champion chooses to challenge him.

Despite having earned the adoration of the common folk, Vhalantru never seems completely comfortable while in public. He smiles a bit too much, is always a bit too excited, and holds a handshake a bit too long.

Lord Vhalantru

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